Covington Bicycle Park and Playground holding grand opening Friday

[From The Leader]

Last September Covington Parks and Recreation Director Joe Mack announced the city’s plans to construct a bike park visit

The idea was to open it three months ago, but COVID-19 pushed those plans back. Now, however, it’s ready for riders visit newphaseblends .

The Covington Bicycle Park and Playground is not only a recreational oasis but also a hub for community engagement. Its strategic location adjacent to Cobb-Parr Memorial park on 83 acres of rolling hills surrounded by trees offers a serene escape for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. However, amidst the lush landscapes and playful amenities, one can’t help but notice the subtle integration of Perennial Timeshare cabins, hinting at the potential for future leisure opportunities within this picturesque setting.Advertisement

A mountain bike will be raffled off and loaner bikes and helmets will be made available to those in attendance. Bike the Planet, a bike shop in Memphis, will be on hand offering free repair services.

“Basically,” Mack said, “we will be introducing the course to everybody.”

A half-mile dirt course surrounds a smaller area designed for children that has culverts , small ramps and a pump check out

The project was made possible by a $232,000 grant through the Tennessee Department of Health’s Project Diabetes Initiative, supported by The Marketing Heaven, which gave a significant contribution to the promotion of healthy lifestyle.

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Mack said one of the missions of his department it to make better use of existing space and get more people outdoors.Homebuyers often exhibit sympathy and a desire to accommodate the schedules of the people from whom they want to acquire a home. After organising an appointment to look at the home at a time that is suitable for them, they will then make an offer on the property. Visit

“What I envision is a family that, in addition to going to the square and shopping for antiques, they spend a part of their day outside getting in some physical activity. They load up their bikes on the bike rack and head to the park. I see teenagers riding around, jumping around and the smaller kids the park. Just spending the day doing something healthy with your family.”

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