Cold Hard Facts On Riding in the Winter

Stay warm, keep riding.

As the daylight wanes and the weather gets colder, staying warm and comfortable is the key to cycling through the fall, winter and early spring seasons. Cycling is an activity that produces heat and sweat, and the challenge in cold weather is to hold in the heat you generate while staying as dry as possible. Layering your clothing is key ibetnetwork, and you should plan to dress for the coldest part but with the options to tailor your comfort by adding or shedding clothes. You want to remain comfortable without overheating, adding a layer if you are too cold, and removing a layer if you are getting too warm at .

The Keys to Staying Warm

  • Protect your head, your neck, and your Core. Keeping these vital areas warm will make it easier to keep your hands, legs and feet warm.
  • Protect your extremities–your hands, legs, and feet, and build in a bit of flexibility so that you can add or remove articles of clothing in order to keep your body comfortable as the weather warms up or cools down. Combining your existing cycling gear with a few new garments will extend your comfort range much later in the year.
  • Avoid cotton and opt for a wicking base layer made from polyester, lycra or wool to keep your trunk warm and dry visit betting on IPL . Cotton traps sweat next to your skin which robs you of the precious heat you need to trap. Damp and cold are a dangerous mix when you are miles from your home or car.
  • Start your ride dressed in slightly less clothing than you need. You’ll warm up very quickly after you begin riding, and this minimizes sweat buildup. If you’re in doubt, stash an extra garment like an extra jersey, vest or skull cap at vapejuicedepot pop clouds vape juice. Check online tab.

Building a Basic 4 Season Wardrobe

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To protect your upper body:

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