Since 2003, Bike the Planet has been supporting the Memphis area cycling community. We cater to all types of cyclists , from dedicated enthusiasts to new riders. Kids and families are always welcome!


For anyone who loves experiencing the great outdoors atop two wheels, since 2003, Bike the Planet has been Tennessee’s premier bike shop. For years we’ve specialized in bike sales, rentals and repairs, showcasing our seasoned expertise when it comes to cycling and all things related. We even organize local rides within the community.

Not only are we the best shop to buy bikes but also the best place to rent bikes on the planet!

there’s nothing better than getting on a bike


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting on a bike and going for a ride–especially if you’re atop a bike that’s perfectly tuned, functioning at top quality and is personalized to fit your cycling style. At Bike the Planet, we take pride in our vast selection of mountain bikes in Memphis, TN and offer all of the services that come with owning a bike. We’re here to make your cycling experience the best it can be and will provide you with everything you need to get started–whether you’re a trail-hardened bike enthusiast or new to the cycling lifestyle.

Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville

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At Bike the Planet, We’re proud to offer a number of top quality bikes from trusted name brand manufacturers. We offer excellent service and professionalism that you would expect from the area’s foremost authority on cycling. From Lynskey’s bicycles manufactured right here in Tennessee to a number of other high performance brands, you are sure to find the perfect bike to fit your individual needs.

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