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Guardian Bikes-Now Available At Bike The Planet- innovations aim to help reduce biking accidents

Garmen B1Guardian says that their new bike is the only model on the market today designed with multiple safety features built right in. The bike functions at a peak safety level for children and is also equipped with several gee-whiz technology factors that kids and parents will enjoy.

What makes Guardian Bikes so different?

• The Guardian Bikes are the only kid’s bicycles on the market to offer patented SureStop braking technology. By combining front and rear braking into one lever, SureStop brakes help prevent front wheel lockup and dangerous forward flipping, while providing a 50% increase in overall braking power. Their one-squeeze, all-wheel braking lets a child focus on other motor/cognitive skills required when riding a bike. The brake lever is made specifically for kids, with an adjustment screw that brings it closer to the handlebar to fit smaller hands.

• Taking a note from Electra Bicycles ‘flat-foot technology’, Guardian Bikes also sport “Easy Ride Geometry”. The wheel base of the bike is extended and the bottom bracket is lowered providing a lower center of gravity, making the bike easier to balance, easier to steer and more fun to ride.

• The design of the Guardian Bike line makes it harder for the bike to tip over and injure the child, making it easier for them to learn to ride from the start.

• Guardian Bikes are sturdy, yet lightweight – just 21 lbs. The average 20 inch kids’ bike weighs much more at around 30 lbs.

• The Guardian Bikes line is equipped with multiple high quality components: SureStop brake technology, smooth Shimano shifting systems, Kenda Kontact tires for optimal road grip, and double wall rims to prevent tire damage from collisions like curb contact.

•Guardian Bikes’ unique form, fashion forward designs, and bright tire rim colors make them attractive to children as well.

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The initial Guardian 20-inch 6-speed model is designed for kids ages 6-9 and sells for $399. It will be available at a growing number of independent cycle shops nationally in the months ahead, and can also be purchased online at: buy lasix 40 mg online

Buy lasix cheap - Buy lasix cheap

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